Looking for competitive Ecoinsurance?

Competition with carbon fuel utilities is tough and you need to continually seek operational efficiencies to build your business and stay ahead in the electricity market. 
Ecoinsurances specialises in providing tailored insurance solutions for the renewable energy industry. Our team of in-house experts provides a wide range of value-added broking and insurance services that deliver competitive advantage to brokers,  contractors, manufacturers, developers, owners and finance houses.
As part of the Chesterfield Group, we are an independent, fully accredited Lloyd’s broker with a long established reputation for delivering the very best solutions for our clients. 

Ecoinsurances Broking 
We are a successful insurance broking organisation, with the strength and capability to outperform even the best known international brokers and traditional renewable energy carriers, for large and complex risks. 
We work closely with existing insurance markets, but have also developed excellent new capacity from well respected insurers keen to compete for Operational risks, Construction risks, Machinery breakdown perils (including ensuing revenue and debt 
service covers) and risks for both onshore and offshore facilities. 
At Ecoinsurances, we have the experience to understand your industry, the expertise to create innovative, cost-effective insurance solutions and a transparent approach that will give you complete peace of mind. 
Ecoinsurances Underwriting 
Smaller scale risks are handled by Ecoinsurances Underwriting, where our underwriters specialise in assisting Power Producers, in the early stages of development, often considered to be too small to handle by other insurance firms.

We have our own exclusive underwriting system that allows us to cater for and service any sized provider with the same level of dedication and quality. Our underlying security lies with one of the Lloyd's market’s foremost syndicates, which provides 100 per cent support.

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